Ivy League
academic editors
who are here to help.

"Sarah identified the ways in which my writing was not communicating my ideas effectively, and worked with me to solve them constructively in my own voice. Working with Sarah vastly improved (and shortened!) my texts, and I also just became a better writer in English."


"My favorite thing about working with Sarah was that she didn’t put words into my mouth or tell me what I should write. Instead, she discussed my ideas with me and led my train of thought to my own conclusions."


"Kathleen was a fabulous reader and listener. She noticed what was missing, what had already been said, and what needed to be saved for another chapter. She has helped me shape a book and win a writing fellowship."

Researching and Writing
Magnifying glass held to text on paper
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Have a "fresh pair of eyes" help take your near-final draft from excellent to perfect.


Have a trained editor comb through the details of your draft and identify areas for clarification, suggest changes, and improve flow.