What former clients have to say about us

Kathleen has helped me with my writing during many stages of my career. I have gotten feedback from her on my master’s thesis, law school admissions essays, job cover letters, proposed article abstracts and fellowship project proposals and have always found her line edits and comments invaluable to improving my work. She easily adapts to the message and audience of the piece and gives thoughtful comments on how to improve the overall content and structure of my material. She even gives useful feedback on legal articles, which is uncommon outside of the legal profession. I highly recommend Kathleen for anyone who wants a critical and supportive partner in their academic and professional writing.


Law Fellow

As someone who has always feared the writing process, I was fortunate to find Sarah. Regardless of what stage of writing I was in, she always had valuable and helpful input. My favorite thing about working with Sarah was that she didn’t put words into my mouth or tell me what I should write. Instead, she discussed my ideas with me and led my train of thought to my very own conclusions. This was the most helpful in improving my writing. I learned how to navigate and analyze my thoughts, and then put them down on paper in an organized fashion - something I truly struggled with before. In the end, I received an A in the course and I strongly believe Sarah’s guidance had a lot to do with it!.


First Year Undergraduate

Kathleen and I worked together for over a year, and she helped me clarify and provide structure within my writing. I appreciate her positive and encouraging personality, as she worked with me to improve my writing. She's often very insightful on all subject matters, and she offers a great perspective on pushing my thinking and creativity so they come across on paper. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Kathleen, she's truly one of a kind!


PhD Candidate

Admissions essays are crucial instruments in determining the academic aptitude of a PhD applicant. They presents to the committee who you are as a person while explaining why graduate school is the natural next step in your life. As an international student, I am particularly aware of the importance of organizing precise and thoughtful writing using correct grammar, spelling, and structure. Sarah’s assistance was essential to develop the many levels involved in my writing process. Her careful and detailed comments on my essays helped me put into words the ideas I did not initially know how to express myself. She encouraged me to go further in my questions, transforming my statements into distinctive pieces that spoke clearly about my trajectory. Her academic advice was the support I needed to go through this journey. I most certainly recommend her writing coaching assistance. 


PhD Applicant

When I began the creative nonfiction program at Columbia University, I was told about the resources at the Writing Center. Kathleen was mentioned as a phenomenal teacher there, and what I discovered was that she was also a fabulous reader and listener. She noticed what was missing; what had already been said, and what needed to be saved for another chapter. When I lost faith in myself, she gave me faith. She has helped me shape a book and win a writing fellowship. Somehow she did all this with a sense of humor, and we have spent a lot of the time between writing laughing.


MFA Candidate

I’m an international student and, even though my English is decent, when it came to writing applications, cover letters, grant proposals, final papers, and my CV, I knew I needed help. I turned to Sarah, and she has edited most of my work in the past few years. It was the best decision I made in grad school. Sarah is brilliant, professional, attentive to detail, and reliable. She turned texts that were clearly written by a non-native speaker into polished work, following all the complicated formatting rules that I didn’t even know existed. At the same time, she kept the content and arguments super precise and very close to my own style of writing and wording. As a non native speaker, it was so important for me to be able to focus on my ideas and arguments and have absolute confidence that my texts would stand up to the highest professional standards.


PhD Candidate

I contacted Kathleen through the Columbia University Writing Center because I needed a proofreading editor for my dissertation. Kathleen helped me by revising my whole dissertation, and the result was great. She improved the writing of the dissertation and was a very professional and involved person. It has been a pleasure to work with her, and I completely recommend her to those looking for a professional and engaged proof-reader and editor.  


PhD Candidate

Sarah identified the ways in which my writing was not communicating my ideas effectively, and she worked with me to solve them constructively in my own voice. My written work, particularly on my proposal for postdoctoral research, has benefited enormously from her editing skills and elegant sense of style. Working with her vastly improved (and shortened!) my texts, and I also just became a better writer in English as a result of our collaborations. She has been my most useful reader in graduate school.


PhD Candidate

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