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The mission of the Writing Coach Coop is to help writers use their own words with confidence and clarity to achieve their publication, communication, and education goals.

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The Writing Coach Coop is a group of experienced writing coaches and editors, who have degrees from elite universities and have been trained as consultants in university writing centers. Our writing coaches and editors have degrees from elite universities and experience supporting writers in a variety of research, academic, and professional contexts.

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Kathleen Griesbach

Founding Member, Editor


Kathleen is a sociologist, instructor, and editor based in Cologne, Germany. She has consulted with writers on professional, academic, and creative writing at the Columbia University Writing Center since 2016,  and coached writers independently for the past decade. Kathleen enjoys coaching writers on narratives of their own experiences, helping them to articulate their story and develop the right tone and structure for their particular goal -- whether it is a successful graduate admissions essay, a precise and convincing cover letter, or a memoir.  She also specializes in working with writers on academic articles and chapters, from abstract to conclusion, and on book manuscripts. Fluent in Spanish, Kathleen also helps writers incorporate analyses of Spanish-language texts or data into their writing.

Previously Kathleen was a freshman writing instructor in the University of California’s Culture, Art, and Technology program. She has also taught English as a Foreign Language in Madrid, Spain, and sociology at Columbia University. Kathleen earned her undergraduate degree in English and Latin American Studies from NYU and a master degree in Latin American Studies from University of California-San Diego. In 2020, she received a PhD in Sociology from Columbia University. Kathleen’s research has won awards at NYU and Columbia, and she has published in academic contexts and elsewhere. Her dissertation research focuses on the experiences of contingent workers with unstable schedules in New York City and Texas, and the broader consequences of shifting employment relationships for the meaning of work today.


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Sarah Sachs

Founding Member, Editor


Sarah is a sociologist and creative writer based in Sacramento, CA. She has coached adult writers in a variety of academic  disciplines. These days, Sarah works primarily as an academic editor, editing dissertations, book chapters, and journal articles for peer review. She provides detail-oriented copy-editing as well as feedback on argumentation, structure, and narrative. She also offers substantive comments on social science manuscripts.


In addition, Sarah works with prospective students on admissions and employment materials. Writing about oneself is difficult for most of us. Sarah helps students develop a coherent narrative of themselves and their potential fit for their desired program or position. Sarah particularly enjoys helping students in engineering or science, who sometimes struggle with narrative, as well as writers who are still developing their voices in written English.


In 2019, Sarah received a PhD in Sociology from Columbia University, and she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University in 2021. She now lives and works in Sacramento, California.


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